Leaders vs. Heroes – The Art of Inspiring and Guiding

Determine Leaders, looking out with a determined sight. Brown long hair and long beard.

Leaders vs. Heroes – The Art of Inspiring and Guiding

Determine Leaders, looking out with a determined sight. Brown long hair and long beard.

Leaders vs. Heroes - The Art of Inspiring and Guiding

Unraveling the Distinct Roles of Visionary Leaders and Trailblazers in Changing the World

Leaders are people of a different type than Heroes. Heroes are not strategists. They don’t think about the future. Their reality is passion, impulse, inspiration. They are cannonballs flying forward and not seeing obstacles.

Leaders are not like that. Yes, of course, they are just as inspired by the great mission of changing the world for the better. Yes, they also feel their boundless superiority in comparison with “mere mortals.” But there is a noticeable difference.

They think not about the present, but about the future.

Of course, they (like the Heroes) have a hard time with ordinary people: ordinary people are fools and cowards, they are afraid to leave their comfort zone and are ready to betray you for a handful of silver coins. Yes, yes, it is for the sake of improving the lives of such insignificant people that Heroes and Leaders sacrifice themselves.


On the other hand, if there were no ordinary people, then the Heroes and Leaders would not be able to perform their inhuman feats, so everything is fair.


Every time Heroes and Leaders have to go against everyone. Just think about it. You grew up in your own world, for you it is the most natural of all possible. But one day you decide to declare its rules and laws vicious and false. Everyone you know and love will be against you. Everyone. You will become an outcast, a scoundrel, an apostate and an enemy. Even the most loving relatives and friends will abandon you.


It’s horrible. But it is necessary to save them – to give them a chance at a new life.


There is no more noble and selfless mission in the world than this.


Of course, you will clearly understand that all these people do not see anything and do not realize that they are simply blind. Of course, you will be hurt and offended. Of course, at some point in time you will begin to realize your superiority over them – stupid, narrow-minded, miserable ones to whom you are trying to do good.


Do not dare!


You are not better than them at all. Each of you has your own role in life. You are not better. It just so happened that you got a chance. This is not your merit and not your superiority. This is your service. Accept it and be humble and discreet.


You are still inferior to many of these people in many ways – in kindness, courage, selflessness, self-sacrifice … you have not become better than them, you just have a different task. Be humble, tolerant and humane.


Try to understand them – their fears, concerns and suspicions. Imagine: you invaded their lives to destroy their world (comfortable, despite all the troubles). You are their existential enemy. Be grateful to them for the fact that they are able to listen to you, and do not immediately drag you to the gallows.


Nobody likes leaving their comfort zone. Despite common sense, life experience and love.




Therefore, appreciate the willingness of other people to discuss your ideas that destroy their world.


One more thing. What if you are crazy?


I mean, what if what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense in real life


Do you know how many prophets there were in Judea at the time of Christ? Hundreds. Maybe thousands. The world is full of crazy people who are firmly convinced of their chosenness.


There are always much more crazy people than Heroes and Leaders. And at first impression, it is extremely difficult to distinguish those from these. Everyone of them wants to destroy the existing world with burning eyes.


And an ordinary man wants to finish them all off.


Think about how you can avoid looking like another crazy person to your audience.


Do you have a concept for a new world?


No? So, create it. Simply destroying what exists is not an option.


Offer your version of the Future. And work it out thoroughly: study all the available information, think it over, analyze the data. Don’t be crazy. Not only that, don’t be a Hero. Be a Leader. Create a vision for a new world that your audience would like to live in. The concept of a new world in which this audience would feel special.


Your key task is to attract these people (yes, pathetic, stupid, cowardly and limited) to your side. Because people are strength. Without them, a Leader is nothing. You need them. No less than they need you. They just don’t know it yet.


They need you endlessly. Just accept it. They want a different life. But they are very scared. And everything is very unclear to them. Try to understand them, hear them – and explain to them everything you offer in their language.


Believe me: if it were possible to do without these people, I would be the first to tell you: “fuck them all!”


But no. There’s no way without them.


A commander without soldiers is nothing. A prophet without followers is nothing. And you will have to solve the same problem as every other Leader before you. It is the people, the followers, who give meaning to everything you do.


Show them that you understand their needs and listen to their requests. Show them that they matter. Lee Kuan Yew, at one time, opened offices in all areas of Singapore that repaired their old refrigerators and washing machines for local residents free of charge. The basic needs of ordinary people are quite mundane (Maslow’s pyramid, by the way) – so, show these people that you understand this.


If they believe that you are on their side, they will go further with you – wherever you need.


They’re scared as hell – just help them.


They really want to believe. But they are terribly afraid of becoming a victim of deception. They have followed overly convincing crazy people so many times already! Try to prove to them that you are different.


Get out from the ranks of the madmen.


Gain the trust of your audience.


And if you succeed, you will receive a huge reward. Their devotion.


They will trust you and follow you.


 They will follow you, despite all doubts and trials – even if the whole world screams that they are wrong. The Jews followed Moses for forty years in the desert like that.

In fact, they really want to believe – sacredly and unconditionally. So, give it to them.


All these people endlessly desire to find a Leader: simply because they themselves do not know how to live, and those leaders that exist are not what they need.


Become their Leader.


Show them that you have faith. Show them you know the way. Give them confirmation that you do not intend to retreat and are ready to make any sacrifice in order to achieve your goal.


Become their Leader.


This is what they passionately desire.


For they are nothing without a Leader, and they are well aware of this.


And if you give them what they need, then they will give you what you need.


That’s how it works.


Any Leader knows this.


That is why Cortez told his soldiers simultaneously about the treasures of Tenochtitlan and about the high destiny of warriors of faith. That is why the Rashidun Caliphs spoke to their soldiers about the spoils of war and jihad at the same time.


Ordinary people have both the animal and the sublime. They need wallets with gold and a sublime mission: after all, every person is both an animal and a deity at the same time.


And if you give them what they need, they will never leave you.


Determine Leaders, looking out with a determined sight. Brown long hair and long beard.

Leaders vs. Heroes – The Art of Inspiring and Guiding

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