Born to be a Man: A Journey of personal Transformation, Fatherhood, and Leadership

Unleash your potential as a Man

Transform into the Unstoppable Man You Were Always Meant to Be
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“Leaders” are not so pleasant in communication. 
However, they are the most important people on Earth: 
they unite other people and lead them into a brighter future.


How to interact with the world

How to interact with the profession

How to interact with a woman

How to interact with those who follow you


Born to be a Man: A Journey of personal Transformation, Fatherhood, and Leadership – very special book.

It’s about what it means to be a real man in today’s world. The obstacles and trials every man faces in life, the fears and doubts he experiences, the and values he is inspired – all this is reflected on these pages.


This deep and exciting book intertwines three narrative streams: the story of a real man who has gone through a path of trials and discoveries from a young romantic boy to a experienced mature leader; wise thoughts of great thinkers of the past; and a light, whimsical narrative which combines great heroes and battles of bygone days, famous movie hits, various philosophical concepts and important fruits of the Author’s personal experience.


This book is needed today more than ever: at a time when masculinity is subject to enormous social pressure, and there are no clear textbooks or instructions on what it really means to be “a real man”.


In fact, this book is just such a “textbook”, or rather the “Bible of a real man” – strong, wise, purposeful, self-confident and never giving up. Honestly, one of the main books that every self-respecting man should read in his life. The purpose of this book is to help you live and win as you worthy.


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