Introduction of “Born to be a Man” – Knights of the Modern Round Table

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Introduction of “Born to be a Man” – Knights of the Modern Round Table

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Introduction of “Born to be a Man” – Knights of the Modern Round Table

They say that King Arthur gathered the best knights in Camelot.

They say that he sat them at the round table because they were all equal.

They say that these knights fought to change the world for the better.

These young fighters came to King Arthur’s court in search of adventure.

They grew to manhood there, performing heroic deeds.

Their king led them, inspired them, and showed them the Way.

Returning from their campaigns, the knights gathered around a round table and told each other about their exploits.

Why did they act this way?

They discussed what they must do, what they can do, and what they should do.

They exchanged information that would enable them to ADOPT methods that had proved so sound in the past, ADAPT them to the changing needs of the times, and wherever possible, IMPROVE them.

For the sake of changing the world for the better.

For the sake of creating a better future.

For isn’t this the mission of real knights, real men?


A better future does not happen without changes.

Changes don’t happen without leaving your comfort zone.

Leaving your comfort zone does not happen without conflict.

Conflict is always war. A war of beliefs, characters, points of view, cultures, and civilizations. To win, you need to fight. If you allow yourself to be convinced that you can win through negotiations, through compromise, you have already lost.

Re-read Xenophon, Clausewitz, and Churchill, damn it. These three guys understood well the price of victory.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a matter for young people because the “comfort zone” is the territory of their fathers, the young must go to conquer their own territory. A real Adventurer, a real discoverer is always young (even if this youth is the youth of the soul, not the body).

The banner of the young is Freedom.


To change the country, the new elite must defeat the old one.

To change society, the new generation must defeat the previous one.

To change the world, sons must defeat fathers.

The future is the Promised Land, where there is no place for old people. Because the Promised Land of old people is in the past.

Re-read the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran, damn it. The price of finding the Promised Land is clearly described there.

The conquest of this Promised Land is the work of grown-ups, the work of heroes. It is impossible to get it without overcoming the Path of trials and gaining life experience. A true Hero is always virile and experienced in mind and spirit. Even if he is very young.

The gonfalon of grown-ups is Courage.


Building a new world is an extraordinary act of vision.

Building a new life is an amazing proof of fortitude.

Building a new society is an incomparable manifestation of leadership.

Re-read Plato, James Madison and Lee Kuan Yew, damn it. Who, if not these outstanding thinkers, best understood how difficult it is to create a new viable reality?

Creating the future is the work of mature men, true leaders. Because they are the ones who have enough wisdom to see this future, have enough courage to build it despite the obstacles, and enough accountability to be ready to accept the consequences of their decisions.

A true Leader is always mature and wise, deeply understanding people and the world around him, even though he can appear like a madman cut off from real life or a callous and soulless misanthrope.

The oriflamme of the matures is Creativity.


So, it’s simple. A real man comes into this world to change it for the better. This is his Path. Don’t argue with me or try to convince me. A real man comes into this world to change it for the better. Either this is your Path or it is not. That’s all.


A real man goes through three stages on his Path. Adventurer, Hero, Leader. Again, there is no point in arguing with me. Either you accept it or you don’t.

A round table is an equal meeting of real men, where they decide how to follow their own Path. Either you are sitting at this table or you are not. This format was created by King Arthur and his knights one and a half thousand years ago.

A new Round Table (the first since King Arthur’s) was formed in Norwich, England in 1927. The founder of this Round Table, Louis Marchesi, wished to change the world for the better. He believed that development required changes that could only be brought about by young people, only by real men. He said that there are things that real men must do, there are things that they can do, and there are things that they should do.

Louis Marchesi believed that the Round Table was an ideal format in which real men could exchange ideas, learn from their peers, and play a collective role in public life. Like the knights of King Arthur one and a half thousand years ago.

Today’s young businessmen and professionals, just like Gawain, Lancelot, Percival, and Galahad in their day, must come together around the table, ADOPT methods that have proved so sound in the past, ADAPT them to the changing needs of the times, and wherever possible, IMPROVE them.

To realize their mission and change the world for the better.

To do what real men should do.

This is precisely the essence of Round Table International’s activities.

If you have a Y chromosome, but your soul is not touched by what is written here, that’s okay. All this is simply not for you.

This means your name will never appear on the back of one of the chairs at the Round Table. This means that you will never defeat the dragon, save the princess, or find the Grail. Well, everyone has their own destiny. It’s okay.

However, if you feel an inner response, then you are one of us.

You and we have to build a new, better world.

This task is more difficult today than ever.

Modern society – flabby, old, effeminate – is afraid of real men and does everything possible to ensure that we no longer exist.

The society in which it is so safe and comfortable to live. The society in which minorities live well and in which it is so easy for them to express their views.


The society was created by real men at the cost of thousands of years of cruel trials and awful sacrifices.

The crux of the problem is that we can get offended and leave the game. And then this wonderful society will soon come to an end.

Or we can continue to do what our predecessors have done for thousands of years of human history. Although modern society will hate us and attack us.

The choice is only ours. However, if we are real men, the flesh and blood of many generations of real men, then the choice is obvious.

We’ll just do our thing. Without expecting a reward. And not paying attention to the attacks.

We, men, gathered at the Round Table International.

Adventurers of today. Heroes of tomorrow. Leaders of the future.

“That’s the Way.”

And now there is only one question.

Are you with us or not?


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